Rommi Linnik moved to Bay Area in 2010 from Europe, Estonia. He is experienced graphic designer, working over 15 years with Estonian leading newspapers, magazines and graphic design agencies. He has been involved with photo editing in the past but after a move to such a scenic area he found himself more outside taking photos, rather than sitting indoors hiding from harsh Estonian weather. In his recent life, his travels and new start in San Francisco Bay Area opened his creative side and made him see the world through different perspective.
His passion for photography developed and right now he is devoting his full time for photography gigs.
Favorite tools:
Cameras: Sony A7R, Canon 5D Mk II, Metabones EF - Sony E
Glass: 85mm - T1.5, 70-200mm - F4.0 L, 
24-105mm - F4.0 L, 14mm - F2.8, 50mm - F1.4 AF, 20mm fix
Digital Tools: Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 5, InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6, 
Photo  Mechanic 5, ON1 Software

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